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August 02, 2011

Shojo manga time~

Just finished 4 works, yeaay finaly~ Hope my kind editor send me more soon for next XD. Lately I often received SHOJO manga script. I didn't read shojo manga For along time (actually, almost in 2-3 months I didn't read any comics/manga TAT). Shojo manga remind me when I was highschool age^^; natsukashii na~ Now, I just can smiling when I read it again~ how teenager... LoL. But when I reading this one, I like this, especially for the art...very nice...Pretty art from Toyama sensei :)
(The Return of Gods)
Genre : Fantasy | By: Ema Toyama
A little bit ecchi and lolicon ahahaha~
The story about recalling the gods who dwell in a person's hair 
and could grant for 1 request if they're released
The main character named is Mashiro
  A girl who have so many gods in her hairs, 
She can't grow up because she's sealed by something for something
But, sometime she'll be back to her normal age if the situation come to pressed her...
tipikal komik jepang banget ya hahaay~ 
kalo berubah jadi gede, ecchinya keluar deh... :D
And seem to be quite a lot of bishounens in this series XD
Look this one, The One of god who just appeared.
very cool god (guy) for shojo manga, huh!? :D

Althought the story is for teenager, but I enjoy to see the artwork^^ 
Can't waiting for next volume~

Now, let's take a rest for a while..
I miss to draw Kiriyaaa~ \>o</


Xing Ying said...

wow shoujou komik, dah lama banget ga baca hhe....bacaan jaman sekolahan dulu, sekarang maennya josei n seinen ehehehhe.....

btw kiriyaaa....makin cakep aja ♥♥

-Lan- said...

iya sy jg dah lama bgt ga baca shojo manga kayak gini^^ inipun krn gawean jd dibaca haha~

makasih ying, sy kangeun ngegambarrrr~ *A*

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