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August 03, 2011

Harry Potter Junior

I just watched The last Harry potter movie at cinema~
Although many peoples say that the movie was not as good as the novels, but I think the last episode was cool~ I had enjoy it^^ But, yeah I prefer Harry and friends when they're still cute child XD

Aaah I miss their cuteness~
Little Harry is so cute, Hermione and Ron too >w<
Why are you growed up so past? hahaa...

But, it's okay...now they have children
And waaaw they're soo cute too...XD

James Sirius Potter (Will Dunn)
Look like a naughty brother for Albus, LOL

Albus Severus Potter (Arthur Bowen)
Oh my...so cuteee~ >w<

Lily Luna Potter (Ellie Darcey Allen)

Hugo Weasley (Ryan Turner)

Rose Weasley

Ted Lupin (Luke Newberry)

Scorpius Malfoy (Bertie Gilbert)
So handsome boy^^
Could be a good "partner" of Albus hehee... XD

I want to see their life in Hogwarts too...
Aaah hope Jk.Rowling and Warner bross make the special sequel about them~
Wiiii wajib nonton kalo adaaa \>w</

Harry potter Junior
Want to see their "Bond" and "Friendship"  XD
Saya malah lebih tertarik sama anak-anaknya haha...
So sweet~ >w<
Photo source: Googling


aulia said...

eleeeuh siah barudakna leuwih llucu yah *0* rindu masa2x herpot leutik yah

-Lan- said...

Iya lalucu pisannn~ XD
betul kangeun zaman mereka baheula, kalo senggang mau nonton herpot 1&2 lagi ah^^

Archie-The-RedCat said...

iyah jadi pengen nonton harpot pas mereka masih kecil2.. yang RC mah ada behind the scenenya yang harpot satu, tapi teuing tah masih bisa diputer ato nggak.. jabaning masih VCD tea.. jadul hahaha XD

-Lan- said...

waaah jd pengen liat behind the scenenya~
kalo ada dikosan, tar cobain atuh jalan ga, mun jalan liaaats XD

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