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July 30, 2011

What's that???

Gosssh~ It's 4 AM, but I can't sleep *A* 
I'm a little bit scared 'coz imagine horor movie that i saw before...damn! And at 2 AM, I had heard a strange voice repeatedly out there, wh...what's thaaaat???. It's like calling someone voice and a little squeal. Maybe it's just television sound from neighbour, yeah it must be reasonable sound...my own mind suggested me beeing scared hahaa~
Okay,  it'll be better if I keep turning my mp3, write something, and imagine anything that more fun, like.......
Old sketches

But, yokatta...Naru chan is here~
He accompanied me and makes me safe hehe...
Luv You Nacchan! XD
Yeah good, I'm getting sleepy now~ じゃ、おやすみ~ \^^/

July 20, 2011

Steps Four, The Spring

Unexpected, I had enjoy drew kimono dress^^ And of course i like to drow their accessories XD. I'd change the pict a little bit from the sketch. Usually I got new idea when I was coloring~

Commission for Miss Cecile 
Full Body
Like always, I draw any additions/accecories on different piece
Hope someday I can upgrade my computer spec~ :D

Face and Hairs
Click Here for big size

July 19, 2011

Cosplay Competition

Some photos from Cosplay events in 2011 year that I had attended... as official staff of course:D. I'd work as freelancer (manage finance) in TaneraProOrganizer who organized this event. I never do cosplay, I've no self confidence like that~ :D  But, I'm amazed at their efforts. 皆、すごいです...

Some photos by Tanera'Pro media partner Kameko Bandung as photografer

Chocholate Festival, February 13
-Valentine event -
There're two talents who did chocolate body painting, cool~
And all of cosplayers were great!

 Jazz Sakura Matsuri, May 20-21
-Promotion event of Honda Jazz product (car)-
Our main leader went to overseas when this event took place. I represented her to taken responbilty to the promotor(Honda). Swear, I couldn't sleept well on that day~
On these days i was very very very tired *A* This is for the first time i've been talking perhaps with 100+ different peoples in one day o_O And my mobile phone has ringing every hour, was like a seleb who hunted paparazzi ahahahaa~ But, Thanks to God, the event was done well on time...

After the event done, I got sick and internal bleeding
I have to take a rest for 2 weeks, so I couldn't drow or did my other job too^^; But no matter what happened, I never regret it. It's amazing moment for me, very nice big experience~

The cosplayers were cool and pretty
I'd love to saw their performance (even at back stage:D)

Photos by Vienni

Anime Festival II, July 2-3
-Summer event + Transformer Promotion-
Yeaay the main leader has being presented this time, so we could've been worked lighter:D pheeew... 

"Lunar Cosplay Team"
They're The winner at Cosplay competition before,so they were invited as a guest star
Great costume...mabushii naa~ :D

These are some of the competitors...actually there're many competitors here, but I have not received current photos of this event yet...so there's only this :|
The cosplayers were very creative and funny, i want to see their perform more~XD


The beautiful girl who wearing brown dress like a princess is a guest star judge
She's one of the indonesian cosplay seleb, "Pinky Lu Xun".
I token this by mobilphone, so the resolution pict is not good enough^^;