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July 30, 2011

What's that???

Gosssh~ It's 4 AM, but I can't sleep *A* 
I'm a little bit scared 'coz imagine horor movie that i saw before...damn! And at 2 AM, I had heard a strange voice repeatedly out there, wh...what's thaaaat???. It's like calling someone voice and a little squeal. Maybe it's just television sound from neighbour, yeah it must be reasonable sound...my own mind suggested me beeing scared hahaa~
Okay,  it'll be better if I keep turning my mp3, write something, and imagine anything that more fun, like.......
Old sketches

But, yokatta...Naru chan is here~
He accompanied me and makes me safe hehe...
Luv You Nacchan! XD
Yeah good, I'm getting sleepy now~ じゃ、おやすみ~ \^^/


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