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About Me

Thank you for visiting Lan-Koku Terrace~
I hope you have enjoyed to visit here. Please feel free to leave your thoughts on Shoutmix chat/Contact page, and come back often when you have free time^^
Lifetime Learner (hehe~)
Now, I doing Freelance as :
Digital Painting Artist/designer, Book Translator, Finance Section (Event Organizer)

LAN国 Terrace (Lan-Koku Terrace)
"Lan-Koku" is mean The Kingdom of Lan  
(I have no idea, so i just using my name, no other meaning LOL).

There're so many things even in my simple life. Several years ago I ever made 2 comics (漫画), but 'coz of my condition, i stopped (maybe for a while or forever? i don't know TAT). But no mather what happen, I love art, I love painting, I love drawing manga.....So, to fill that longing, beside my daily life, once a while I'll write in this blog about  my original characters that I created before. "My Kingdom" is mean The world of my Ocs^^. But I'll write anything randomly. Perhaps everything here is just for fun~ :D

I want to learn English, Japanese, and Indonesian language more, so I'll write using those languages as i want (random :D). Ngeblog sekalian belajar ngelancarin bahasa, lumayan hehe. Sorry if it become a little messy (especially for my poor english), but at least i have to try this~ ^^ 皆さん、よろしく~